A Bohemian Nest on Fillmore St.

DSC_0088Twenty years in the city and more than a few in my heart, Nest on Fillmore St. is an eclectic boutique of antique trinkets, vibrant textiles, and chic home goods. I’ve visited this fantastical shop many times during the last few years (and now that I live in San Francisco it’s just a short bus ride away!)  and I am always inspired by what I find.DSC_0091





As a huge textile nerd and a lover of all things animal, my time at Nest is spent swooning over their collection of kantha quilts that I can’t actually afford and the plethora of animal miniatures and oddities scattered throughout their curio cabinets and shelves (that I also can’t afford because of my trinket hoarding tendencies). On this visit, I fell in love with the bedding and antique brass bed display, and the glorious rope chandelier dangling above.


DSC_0073Nest also has a nice selection of dainty jewelry, coffee table books inspired by art and cooking, and bohemian dishware. The ceilings are adorned with colorful dreamcatchers, garland, and branches, and its shelves are lined with woven baskets, totes, and frames. The store is basically a more authentic Anthropologie, and you’ll end up wanting to just live there once you leave.



Nest has two locations now–its shop on the corner of Fillmore and Clay and a new shop on 4th in Berkeley. You can check out Nest on their website, and if you’re looking for home or nursery inspiration or just a unique San Francisco boutique, I highly recommend a visit to this magical space!


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