Something About Saffron: Love Seats, Chairs, and Sofas

Really what inspired this post is the following photo:

via A Beautiful Mess

I’m enamored by this tufted love seat…well anything tufted really (duh, I’m The Tufted)…and I love the vintage charm and cozyness it adds to this living room corner (remember, I also just really want my place to look like the 70s, plus velvet is my favorite). But what really gets me about this couch is its bright yellow velvet upholstery. It highlights other subtle accents, like the basket and clock on the wall, and really pops against the white walls and hardwood flooring.

There’s something about yellow and saffron seating that makes a space a bit more cheerful, especially as the focal point within a room. Yellow has a long wavelength (Properties of Colors), making it most easily seen and very uplifting. I’ve rounded up a few examples of saffron sofas, chairs, and love seats that add vibrancy to their white-walled rooms:

via Design Sponge
via Design Sponge
vintage chair furniture corner
via Apartment Therapy
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.09.48 PM
via Be Crafty Workshop

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