Curbside Serendipity or “I Found a Chair!”

After some bad news I went about my day as usual, surprisingly optimistic about the future. I have a relatively stable life and I’m living it to the fullest. Learning as much as I can in my current positions at work, exploring San Francisco and the Bay Area, spending time with my boyfriend, and finally blogging a whole lot.

I like to think things find me rather than me finding them. If it’s a goofy duck basket at a thrift store (I collect them), it was meant for me to take it home (that might be my hoarding mentality, but you get the picture). So after a long day and a crowded Muni ride, I walked up my street and found three curbside chairs right at my doorstep! Or in this case, the bottom of my stoop.

I didn’t think twice. Obviously the universe put them there for me, so I had my pick of identical metal and vinyl chairs and a rocking chair. My room is tiny, so I went with one of the twins, and it fit perfectly between my bookshelf and the closet door:

I Found a Chair! on The TuftedI must say, I love the weird green vinyl and the look of this little guy. I named him George and he was seriously a welcome surprise! In lieu of a chair I can’t afford after all, I have George, and only wonder now if I should reupholster him in teal or keep the weirdness? I am an eccentric individual myself, but a reupholstery DIY could be fun!

The next morning his twin was still left outside. I wanted to take him but know I can’t fit him into my bedroom:

IMG_0714So if anyone is in the Inner Richmond in San Francisco looking for a free chair, George’s dapper twin might still be on the sidewalk waiting for a good DIY. Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with my new find. Or he’s happy with me.


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