Companies That Sell Global Goods & Help Artisans

I love the push for sustainability and fair trade that’s been happening in recent years. With everyone concerned about the dangerous changes in our environment, designers and businesses are seeking to use recycled materials and locally sourced items for their creations. Similarly, society has become more conscious of poorer communities of the world, and many organizations have worked to create better and more sustainable economies for them. I wanted to share with you some companies who sell home goods from global artisans, promote their crafts, and dedicate themselves to making sure these amazing makers receive fair wages for their work:

Artisan Connect:

via Artisan Connect
via Artisan Connect

Artisan Connect ensures that the artists behind its products are compensated properly for their unique and handmade creations by sourcing from organizations that assist these communities. Their mission is to create a market for these talented people to sell their goods, and you’ll find all sorts of stories about different artists on their blog. Their amazing shop is filled with colorful handmade textiles, kitchenware, and home decor.

Project Bly:

via Project Bly
via Project Bly

Project Bly is a website dedicated to traveling and searching for the beautiful handmade work of artisans around the world. The project “curates” and sells collections from different cities like Oaxaca, Mexico and Marrakech, Morocco, donating 5% of the revenue to their respective communities. The photography and styling on this website are impeccable (I’ve feature a few images here on The Tufted), and its blog is filled with vibrant photos of food, artisans, and markets and stories written by traveling bloggers. Definitely a must-see shop and blog!


via Discovered

Similar to Artisan Connect, Discovered seeks to source their products through organizations that make sure their artisans are getting paid what they deserve. It sells several handcrafted items such as home goods, jewelry, and bags from different countries and encourages the use of sustainable materials. A unique feature of the site is the ability to create an account and curate your own Discovered “wishlist” of items…definitely worth looking at if you’re a Pinterest junkie!

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