Fantastic Bohemian Living Rooms

For the individual who loves a modern space without the rigidity and lack of organic elements that characterize it, bohemian modern is the way to go. Personally I’m an artist of the eclectic variety, so the style appeals to my love of mixed design and I am always delighted to read about bohemian spaces on my ever growing list of interior design blogs. Days ago, I was very inspired by Justina Blakeney’s submission to Loloi Rugs’ styling competition (third image down), and wanted to share a few more photos of beautifully designed bohemian living rooms that I’ve collected recently:

via Design Sponge

The mix of pieces in the living room above really pulls at my style heart strings: teak and inspired Mid-Century pieces, hanging macrame planters, kilims and hand woven rugs, bolga baskets, cactuses, and a saffron armchair come together to create a lively and free spirited space.

via Apartment Therapy

This industrial living room leans toward the bohemian side of the spectrum with scattered Moroccan and quilted poufs, throw pillows and lounging space galore, pots of overgrown plants, and of course, a quintessential resting cow skull. The white brick and open loft style of the room make it modern and are what really get me about the room.

via The Jungalow

Apart from my new found appreciation for Shibori dyed tapestries, and the drapes featured here, I am stunned by the other pieces in this living room and Justina Blakeney’s gorgeous feat in styling. Lush and fuzzy blankets, mixed patterns and textures, and that beautiful painting! Justina is my bohemian hero.

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