Mid-Century Modern Favorites From Target X Dwell

I’m a vintage kinda gal more than anything, so only on occasion will I dive into a Dwell magazine issue. However, I’m a design lover overall and a sucker for Target collabs–which is why I was as ecstatic as the next person that Target and Dwell were combining forces to create a modern line to accompany Target’s already up and coming (and FABULOUS) home decor collection. The Modern line includes sleek, streamlined furniture with geometric frames and wire legs, modern pillows and throws, and items for the kitchen and patio. There are a few of these items that give me a MidMod vibe, so I thought I’d share my favorites.


  1. Retro Wool Rug

This rug has a mod (but also very 70s) vibe with its simple mirrored swirls. Definitely a modern piece that will fit into a retro home. Modern has a few of these rugs in similar patterns and bright colors.

2. Metallic Cocktail Glasses

These cool cocktail glasses are adorned with a metallic, architectural pattern too reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern architecture. The Eames would be pleased.

3. Owl Speaker

Leaning toward the modern side (considering that it IS an adorable speaker) of the spectrum, this adorable wooden bird calls to mind the MCM obsession with owls. Think macrame owl hangings, embroidered crewelwork owls, and owl inspired home trinkets.

4. Copper Lantern

This copper lantern is a handy little atomic inspired piece to keep out on the patio for modern style and lighting.

5. Modern Bookends

Tell me these don’t remind you of a MidMod cone-shaped fireplace!? If MidMod is too much for you but you appreciate the aesthetic, these bookends are perfect.

What’s your favorite part of this line?

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