Curated Craigslist: A Deco Bedroom

Lately I’ve yearned for change. Perhaps it’s the monotony of work and classes, or maybe it’s Midnight In Paris suddenly appearing on Netflix?

But seriously..something’s gotta give and I’d love to do some traveling when I can. I yearned for the experience of exploring a new city and the romance of it all while watching Owen Wilson rendezvous through Paris in the Roaring 20s. I’ve actually walked those cobbled streets myself, but years ago with my family. But I was Owen 14 years ago, enamored by San Francisco and swearing I’d live there one day. I made it, and I’ve been here now for over three years. San Francisco is my Paris, but I feel as though new adventures may be on the horizon.

I see pieces from the Art Deco period daily at work and I’m always learning something new about the era, and others. This Curated Craigslist was inspired by the Anthropologie quilt and white bed frame combo, but after I added the dresser and tufted velvet chair (I can’t get away from them!), it slowly turned into an amalgamation of Deco, boho, and somehow, an artist’s retreat that you would find, perhaps, in bohemian Paree decades ago. The vanity I’d added formerly was replaced by a large easel, and the vintage brass horn just seemed right (ok, it’s a bit much)…and a potential piece of wall decor. Oh, and the chandelier was a must! That was long winded…

Anyways, enjoy!

Links to Shop:



Anthropologie Bedding & White Bedframe

Red Velvet Chair

Pink Pillow

Mid-Century Nightstand


Art Prints

Vintage Horn




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