Thread Honey Embroidery: Feminism, The Stars, and a Bit of Pop Culture

Any form of textile construction has my heart. I flirted with the idea of staying in college longer so I could live out my passion and study textiles and fashion. I was in my last quarter and taking surface design and textile classes when I realized it was what I truly loved. I learned crochet, some sewing, and a form of textile art that really boggles me–embroidery.

It takes a special human to create embroidered artwork. After a few college projects trying to create the type of beautiful artwork I now find on Etsy and Instagram, my fingers were numb and my mind was in as many knots as the ones I had to untangle along the way. So embroidery artists, bless you and your patience!

Like I mentioned, I follow several folks on Instagram who have made this tedious craft their form of artistic expression (take Sarah K. Benning as an example), and I’m always stumbling upon others. Recently, I traveled down a blog rabbit hole and found designer and stylist Thread Honey’s whimsical (and sometimes cheeky) embroidered pieces. If you’re a feminist who loves astrology, pop culture, and impeccable knolling, check out her lovely work! You can also purchase patterns of some of the pieces I’m sure are her most popular.

Do you have a favorite embroidery artist?

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