Tickled Pink (& Rattan)

I think it’s safe to conclude that pink is one of the “It” hues of the decade (I think, 2016’s Pantone Color of the Year and Sketch London’s iconic pink velvet tulip chairs), with rattan being its material equivalent (at least on the bohemian front). And when you combine the two, magical things happen!

I’ve wanted to do a “pink” post for a while and it didn’t become relevant to anything until I realized I had an obsession with rooms painted pink, with rattan furniture and basketry to match. I looked around our studio the other day and told Max, “damn, this place would look great in pink” (he dgaffed), while thinking back to my bedroom in San Francisco, with it’s similar white molding and Victorian charm, and how our growing collection of rattan, bamboo, and basketry pieces would just pop against these walls (currently yellow, meh). I’m always combing through bohemian home tours for these kinds of spaces and wanted to share a few!

a pink kitchen and dining area with a hanging globe pendant light and woven rattan style seats with sheepskins throws hanging over them
via Apartment Therapy
a vignette of a white wall with a pink half moon painted accent, with a white low cabinet and shelves, and a black and white photo propped on top, a salt stone light, clay vase with dried fronds, and a collection of ceramic dishes, a basket, and wooden beads on the shelves.
via Apartment Therapy
a room with a white ceiling, light pink walls, danish modern style settee and chair with moroccan pillows, and a large hanging rattan globe pendant light
via Domino
a pink walled room with hanging hats, a club chair, persian rug, and a macrame hanging table with plants on it
via Domino
a light pink and white bathroom with a white tub, orchid in the corner, and rattan side table with pink towels folded on top
via Refinery29
an Anthropologie rattan daybed against a pink wall with a pink, blue, and cream colored tapestry hanging above
via Anthropologie
a pink room wit ha fireplace and tall Louis Phillipe mirror on top, a white and black criss cross moroccan area rug below, a round rattan chair, and a large coffee table with several art books
via Koket

Anyway, I’m really dreamin’ of pink and rattan. But for now I’m off to enjoy the hot weather. Have a lovely Saturday!

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