If Walls Could Talk, They’d Ask For Wall Hangings

I’ve had a miniature wooden lasercut “loom” sitting in a box for over a year that I’d bought with the intention of finally learning some weaving. I’d tried my hand at creating a small wall hanging at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, and (like every other fiber art I’ve attempted) LOVED it. Unfortunately, that woven miniature also sits in a box with other randoms, and in my quest to start making again, weaving just hasn’t been a priority amidst throwing clay on the wheel and textile surface design endeavors. But not for long! I am so inspired lately to try everything, and I am committing to digging up my loom and creating one of the amazing pieces below!

Totally kidding. But I am very inspired by the artwork of weavers I follow on Instagram and the lovely woven wall hangings in people’s homes. I think I fell out of my chair after seeing the piece in Erica Reitman‘s home, whom she’s named Sheila. However there is a world of amazing weavings, a few of which I’ve gathered below.

a beige woven wall hanging with a rattan basket in the corner and a plant inside of a white vase next to it
via Glitter Guide


a full length woven wall hanging over a white wall with a gold modern etagere next it it and a black and gold bench below
via Erica Reitman

a white walled room with a vintage wooden and white cushioned sofa, colorful pillows, a hanging rattan pendant, and a rope wall hanging with colorful rope pieces woven around each loop toward the bottom
via Apartment Therapy

a dark blue wall with a wooden ceiling, with a yellow tufted vintage sofa, red and blue pillows, a Persian rug beneath, and a wall hanging consisting of hanging strands with dip dyed blue tassels at the ends
via Ruffled

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