Thrifty Finds and Flowers on Piedmont Avenue

A few weeks ago I journeyed to the Piedmont area of Oakland to pick up a lovely chair I found on Craiglist (I’ll be featuring it soon!). I had visited once during college with a friend who grew up there and was smitten with Piedmont Avenue. Years later, I finally had my chance to explore after picking up my chair. I didn’t take many photos of the street, though I’m sure I’ll be back for some design and post inspiration, but I found the adorable Mille Fiori flower stand tucked into an alley of shops and a funky local mural, … Continue reading Thrifty Finds and Flowers on Piedmont Avenue

Piles of Pillows: A Recipe for a Bohemian Sofa

Recently I’ve been downsizing in an attempt to make my painfully small bedroom feel larger and less cluttered. I folded up my new bird shams yesterday and stuffed their pillows in our linen closet, leaving only my two tufted beauties and embroidered cushion behind. For a gal who loves pillows, saying a temporary goodbye to mine was disheartening (goodbye until I find a bigger place one fine day). Minimalists will tell you that “less is more”, and de-cluttering parts of my tiny space has definitely made things feel lighter…but when it comes to design, I’m in cahoots with Robert Venturi’s … Continue reading Piles of Pillows: A Recipe for a Bohemian Sofa

Just a Thought: Unexpected Angles

Looking through an Apartment Therapy house tour, I noticed this curious living room: Aside from looking as though they’ve had an argument, this armchair and green armoire display some other interesting quirks I’m not used to seeing in a home. Angled away from each other, the chairs and cabinet seem to create two separate spaces in their large living room (though the rest wasn’t featured). The result is an intimate sitting space on one side and a more open area on the right. Just a thought 🙂 Continue reading Just a Thought: Unexpected Angles

The Rooms of Summer

Approaching Fall, I always look back at my most recent Summer with a bit of melancholy. I have Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer” playing in my head as I write. And though I’m excited about the flannels and sweaters and colder nights of Autumn, Summer is still my favorite–the heat, the spontaneous trips, the backyard gatherings with friends (that I have only recently experienced in the Bay at Max’s in Vallejo), and the freedom it seems to bring me. So with its last few days drawing to an end, I’ve rounded up spaces with a nonchalant beach vibe going … Continue reading The Rooms of Summer

Layering with Textiles: Bedding with Global Flair

It may not be clear yet on The Tufted (sarcasm), but I am a lover of all things textiles–especially those of cultures whose design aesthetic is full of patterns, color, and any interesting beadwork or applique. I enjoy collecting different pieces, whether they be tapestries, rugs, or blankets, and am always inspired by design articles that feature them. Recently, an Apartment Therapy home tour inspired me to round up bedrooms that add culture and character to their bedding through global textiles: I’m not entirely sure what to call the tapestry thrown over this duvet–it may be a Kantha quilt and … Continue reading Layering with Textiles: Bedding with Global Flair

Piccino Coffee Bar

I bought my morning chai at Piccino nearly every morning the year I worked in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. I’ve read you need a favorite coffee place (that is NOT Starbucks) in this city, so I guess Piccino is mine and I’m officially a real San Franciscan (yay!). Maybe it was the little things like the vibrant, ever changing bouquets around the store and its bright yellow building, or the esoteric Dogpatch neighborhood that gave it it’s charm. Perhaps I really just love obscure neighborhood cafes. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t tell you how the coffee tastes … Continue reading Piccino Coffee Bar

San Francisco Airbnb: 9 Apartments I’d Love to Vacation In

After my mom asked me to find a place for her to stay in the city while she visits, I suggested Airbnb and got a little curious. I never realized what a treasure trove of design inspiration the website was, or how many adorable San Francisco apartments and studios I would be able to explore! I searched through about 56 pages of beautiful homes, studios, in-law apartments, and garden bungalows and picked my favorites. If I were still from out of town looking to stay in the city on the cheap and in a more private setting, these are the … Continue reading San Francisco Airbnb: 9 Apartments I’d Love to Vacation In