I Really Want a Mid-Century Chair

Months ago, I was inspired by the fabulous Mid-Century teal armchair pictured below. Teal is such a vintage color. I seriously see it everywhere in older furniture, classic cars, textiles, and the like. Mid-Century is also still trending (albeit, a very pricey trend), and I want in on it before something else takes over. So I’ve been on a quest to find an affordable Mid-Century or MC inspired chair for my bedroom…ideally a teal one, but I’m open-minded. I’ve found a few affordable-ish options on different websites (some are even on sale!) and some that cost more than my San … Continue reading I Really Want a Mid-Century Chair

Something About Saffron: Love Seats, Chairs, and Sofas

Really what inspired this post is the following photo: I’m enamored by this tufted love seat…well anything tufted really (duh, I’m The Tufted)…and I love the vintage charm and cozyness it adds to this living room corner (remember, I also just really want my place to look like the 70s, plus velvet is my favorite). But what really gets me about this couch is its bright yellow velvet upholstery. It highlights other subtle accents, like the basket and clock on the wall, and really pops against the white walls and hardwood flooring. There’s something about yellow and saffron seating that … Continue reading Something About Saffron: Love Seats, Chairs, and Sofas

Love & Lovely Creative Studio

Discovering Love & Lovely Creative Studio was a moment of serendipity on my walk to Sonoma Plaza on Tuesday. Their logo and display of hanging vintage bulbs caught my eye, but a peek through the window at their modern space had me hooked. The photography office of Allyson Wiley turned overall creative studio, has become a workspace for a handful of extremely creative event designers. Clients have several resources here, including wedding planners (Quintana Events, Whitney Nelson Events, and Kate Siegal Fine Events), photographers (Alyson Wiley Photography and Rebecca Gosslin), floral designers (Poppystone Floral Couture and Julie Stevens Designs), a … Continue reading Love & Lovely Creative Studio

5 Wonderfully Eclectic Studios

I’m always delighted by small space design and the studios that pop up throughout interior design blogs. Even before I was watching videos of Andrea Zittel’s compact living units and learning about Joe Colombo’s “Total Furnishing Units”, I was fascinated by the idea of tiny house living (I had a pretty awesome playhouse as a kid too). I would also love my own studio apartment someday (easier said than done in this city), and I imagine it would look something like the mish-mosh of random found objects and furniture I have currently in my bedroom…and my piles of mismatched textiles and … Continue reading 5 Wonderfully Eclectic Studios

Sorento Imports & Cafe Scooteria

Yesterday was my first break in a while, so I thought I’d have a day and head to Sonoma to explore (I needed some nice weather too!). I’ve been “vacationing” at my boyfriend’s house in Vallejo, and Sonoma is a stone’s throw away (I’m just discovering the convenience of living next to wine country, albeit part time). On my way to Sonoma Plaza, an adorably retro scooter shop caught my eye, so I flipped my car around and found myself at Sorento Imports. A surplus of awesome vintage Vespas and classic motorcycles surrounded the place, and walking into the garage … Continue reading Sorento Imports & Cafe Scooteria

Neon Spaces I Love

Neon has been trending for a while now both in interior design and fashion, and lately I’ve stumbled upon several spaces with pops of neon (and gold) displayed on a canvas of crisp white walls–a look that is bright and inviting, but keeps things modern and minimal. I’m delighted by the textiles I’ve seen as well and the colors and textures they add to otherwise plain walls. Geometric Peruvian and Moroccan rugs, an Otomi lamp shade, neon pink photo frames, and a floral pouf are a few of the details that bring vibrancy and a bit of bohemian panache to these … Continue reading Neon Spaces I Love

A Retro Retreat in the Desert: The Ace Hotel

Apart from being a favorite vacation spot as I grew up traveling with my family (the trip always meant intense heat, swimming, and of course, Fennec Foxes at the zoo), I grew to love the architecture and landscape of Palm Springs whilst staying in Sidney Sheldon’s home (the guy behind I Dream of Jeannie). I now appreciate the area as a Midcentury oasis in a sweltering desert and returned recently for a mom/daughter trip. 113 may read as insane to San Francisco dwellers, but it was an agreeable number on my weather app. Before the trip I researched Midcentury homes in the … Continue reading A Retro Retreat in the Desert: The Ace Hotel