Avian Interiors: Superb Fruit Dove

An eclectic bird, the Superb Fruit Dove can’t decide what color it wants to be…which is the best kind of indecisiveness. I personally love eclectic and colorful interior design, so this ave rara is perfect. I also really love doves! Splotches of pink, yellow, and purple cover this bird, while green fills its lovely wings.┬áHere are some superb interiors that would make a Fruit Dove proud: Continue reading Avian Interiors: Superb Fruit Dove

Avian Interiors: Wattled Jacana

I love birds and I love interior design. So I thought, why not merge the two? That’s where Avian Interiors comes in: a feathered feature where I’ll pair a bird with spaces within its color palette. So much interior design inspiration can be found in feather and beak colorations! Today’s bird is the Wattled Jacana, whose hues include bourbon, pops of pink and yellow, and navy. Here are a few interiors that remind me of the Wattled Jacana: Continue reading Avian Interiors: Wattled Jacana