A Freespirited Fall: 8 Cozy Boho DIYs

Finally, a new post! The past few months have been spent frantically getting our NEW APARTMENT together, adjusting to San Diego life, and splitting my time between work and school. Life has changed so much lately, and things have been difficult, but as always I’m establishing balance. And yes, you read that correctly: Max and I have a new studio here in San Diego. It has been surreal moving into our own place, and it has presented its own challenges…but I can’t wait to finally reveal what we’re doing with the place in that cheesy, but quintessential home decor blogger … Continue reading A Freespirited Fall: 8 Cozy Boho DIYs

Chic Buys to Celebrate the Fall

I’ve never spent the Fall anywhere else but California, and the closest I’ve gotten to an East coast or Midwest “climate” was while I lived in Davis–which really wasn’t bad at 35 degrees (but freezing to this San Diego gal). I think Californians who don’t experience changing seasons have a unique way of compensating for it. We light more scented candles and sport thin scarves even when it’s 70 degrees outside, or we’ll hang garland and pile artificially scented pine cones around our homes. The leaves may not really be falling around us or changing colors, but we can still … Continue reading Chic Buys to Celebrate the Fall