The 70s Serigraphs of Hunt Slonem

Hunt Slonem’s colorful serigraphs look to me like more saturated versions of Paul Gauguin paintings, and with similar rich colors and themes. Because of my interest in vintage and my current (and former) job, I’m always learning something new about the art and design of old, and I’m enamored by Slonem’s work! Though known for his Post-Modern bird and bunny paintings (inky outlines of the little critters repeated and hopping all over the canvas that you’ve probably seen), it is Slonem’s vibrant serigraphs of furniture, textiles, and yes, birds of the early 80s that I truly love! I aspire to … Continue reading The 70s Serigraphs of Hunt Slonem

Curated Craigslist: A Yellow Vintage Beauty

I’ve had the idea for a while to start doing some styling on my blog and creating mood boards to share. Putting rooms and looks together is one of my favorite endeavors, and since my blog is truly about bohemian and vintage design (with a touch of eclecticism), I’ve decided to try a “Curated Craigslist” series: looks inspired by Craigslist finds! I can honestly say I’m on the site every night scouring the Bay for vintage furniture and I’m itching to share how these preloved pieces can be repurposed with newer stuff! I’ll also try to curate collections from furniture … Continue reading Curated Craigslist: A Yellow Vintage Beauty

Curbside Serendipity or “I Found a Chair!”

After some bad news I went about my day as usual, surprisingly optimistic about the future. I have a relatively stable life and I’m living it to the fullest. Learning as much as I can in my current positions at work, exploring San Francisco and the Bay Area, spending time with my boyfriend, and finally blogging a whole lot. I like to think things find me rather than me finding them. If it’s a goofy duck basket at a thrift store (I collect them), it was meant for me to take it home (that might be my hoarding mentality, but … Continue reading Curbside Serendipity or “I Found a Chair!”

Love & Lovely Creative Studio

Discovering Love & Lovely Creative Studio was a moment of serendipity on my walk to Sonoma Plaza on Tuesday. Their logo and display of hanging vintage bulbs caught my eye, but a peek through the window at their modern space had me hooked. The photography office of Allyson Wiley turned overall creative studio, has become a workspace for a handful of extremely creative event designers. Clients have several resources here, including wedding planners (Quintana Events, Whitney Nelson Events, and Kate Siegal Fine Events), photographers (Alyson Wiley Photography and Rebecca Gosslin), floral designers (Poppystone Floral Couture and Julie Stevens Designs), a … Continue reading Love & Lovely Creative Studio

Neon Spaces I Love

Neon has been trending for a while now both in interior design and fashion, and lately I’ve stumbled upon several spaces with pops of neon (and gold) displayed on a canvas of crisp white walls–a look that is bright and inviting, but keeps things modern and minimal. I’m delighted by the textiles I’ve seen as well and the colors and textures they add to otherwise plain walls. Geometric Peruvian and Moroccan rugs, an Otomi lamp shade, neon pink photo frames, and a floral pouf are a few of the details that bring vibrancy and a bit of bohemian panache to these … Continue reading Neon Spaces I Love

A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle

Alessia and I met during orientation when we first transferred to college, and since then she’s been one of my best friends. Alessia and Tobias were best friends too, until one day they were more and he ventured to New York and she whisked herself away to join him. A few years later the couple share a small studio in the Panhandle area of San Francisco, as well as dreams of climbing and a potential future corgi (Am I right guys?). The space is a eclectic mix of things new and things old from their homes in Santa Cruz and … Continue reading A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle

A Bohemian Nest on Fillmore St.

Twenty years in the city and more than a few in my heart, Nest on Fillmore St. is an eclectic boutique of antique trinkets, vibrant textiles, and chic home goods. I’ve visited this fantastical shop many times during the last few years (and now that I live in San Francisco it’s just a short bus ride away!)  and I am always inspired by what I find. As a huge textile nerd and a lover of all things animal, my time at Nest is spent swooning over their collection of kantha quilts that I can’t actually afford and the plethora of … Continue reading A Bohemian Nest on Fillmore St.