Curated Craigslist: Vintage Florals

I may want to scrap my old flower sheets, but I will always have a thing for granny florals. Crewel floral still life textile art is hanging all over our studio and a Mid-Century sunflower oil painting Max’s mom gave us is currently gathering dust in my mom’s storage. Definitely squeezing that piece somewhere in here! But for now, I’m happy scavenging Craigslist for vintage and Mid-Century pieces. Needless to say, this Curated Craigslist is inspired by florals (and that settee in particular!).  Enjoy! Links to Shop: Crosley Record Player Vintage Loveseat Swag Lamp Mid-Century Green Tweed Chair Record Holder Cabinet Floral … Continue reading Curated Craigslist: Vintage Florals

Curated Cragislist: A Folk Art & Mid-Century Mix

Rattan, textiles, and folk pieces are a few of my favorite art forms, so I’m loving this particular Curated Craigslist. And as a fan of Mexican Otomi textiles in particular, I was obviously inspired to create a new collection when I found an Otomi upholstered Mid-Century chair. I threw in a few folk art pieces, like a ceramic llama and alebrije figurine for a bit of extra “cultura”, a Mid-Century sofa and set of side tables, and some extra woven pieces. As I mentioned in my first CC post, this blog is truly about my love of vintage and things … Continue reading Curated Cragislist: A Folk Art & Mid-Century Mix

I Really Want a Mid-Century Chair

Months ago, I was inspired by the fabulous Mid-Century teal armchair pictured below. Teal is such a vintage color. I seriously see it everywhere in older furniture, classic cars, textiles, and the like. Mid-Century is also still trending (albeit, a very pricey trend), and I want in on it before something else takes over. So I’ve been on a quest to find an affordable Mid-Century or MC inspired chair for my bedroom…ideally a teal one, but I’m open-minded. I’ve found a few affordable-ish options on different websites (some are even on sale!) and some that cost more than my San … Continue reading I Really Want a Mid-Century Chair