Home In Sunny San Diego

Nearly two weeks ago, on a Wednesday morning after a few months to prep emotionally and pare my life down to what would fit in my Jeep and a sizable U-Haul, I left my beautiful home in the Bay with Max so we could both begin anew here in my hometown of San Diego. It was a bittersweet ending and I find myself still terribly homesick for San Francisco, and my friends and the wonderful people who came into my life there. It was a journey I’ll never forget, and something tells me Max and I may one day call … Continue reading Home In Sunny San Diego

Renegade Craft Fair SF: Vendors I’m Still Shopping From

This is just a spur of the moment post, but I wanted to share a few of the vendors at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco that I just loved, and whose shops I’m still browsing! Norwegian Wood: A chic shop selling everything from furniture to hanging planters! Madime: This Berkeley artist is all about macrame, and these knotted nests are what got me! Local and Lejos: A shop I’ve adored before, Local & Lejos features work from artisans around the world. Really diggin’ that serape! Sarah Duyer: Sarah Duyer creates playful and geometric ceramic pieces including planters and bowls, and … Continue reading Renegade Craft Fair SF: Vendors I’m Still Shopping From

Piccino Coffee Bar

I bought my morning chai at Piccino nearly every morning the year I worked in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. I’ve read you need a favorite coffee place (that is NOT Starbucks) in this city, so I guess Piccino is mine and I’m officially a real San Franciscan (yay!). Maybe it was the little things like the vibrant, ever changing bouquets around the store and its bright yellow building, or the esoteric Dogpatch neighborhood that gave it it’s charm. Perhaps I really just love obscure neighborhood cafes. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t tell you how the coffee tastes … Continue reading Piccino Coffee Bar

San Francisco Airbnb: 9 Apartments I’d Love to Vacation In

After my mom asked me to find a place for her to stay in the city while she visits, I suggested Airbnb and got a little curious. I never realized what a treasure trove of design inspiration the website was, or how many adorable San Francisco apartments and studios I would be able to explore! I searched through about 56 pages of beautiful homes, studios, in-law apartments, and garden bungalows and picked my favorites. If I were still from out of town looking to stay in the city on the cheap and in a more private setting, these are the … Continue reading San Francisco Airbnb: 9 Apartments I’d Love to Vacation In

A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle

Alessia and I met during orientation when we first transferred to college, and since then she’s been one of my best friends. Alessia and Tobias were best friends too, until one day they were more and he ventured to New York and she whisked herself away to join him. A few years later the couple share a small studio in the Panhandle area of San Francisco, as well as dreams of climbing and a potential future corgi (Am I right guys?). The space is a eclectic mix of things new and things old from their homes in Santa Cruz and … Continue reading A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle

A Bohemian Nest on Fillmore St.

Twenty years in the city and more than a few in my heart, Nest on Fillmore St. is an eclectic boutique of antique trinkets, vibrant textiles, and chic home goods. I’ve visited this fantastical shop many times during the last few years (and now that I live in San Francisco it’s just a short bus ride away!) ¬†and I am always inspired by what I find. As a huge textile nerd and a lover of all things animal, my time at Nest is spent swooning over their collection of kantha quilts that I can’t actually afford and the plethora of … Continue reading A Bohemian Nest on Fillmore St.