An Ongoing Trend: Sediment, Swirls & Stone

In a post a while back, I discussed a trend I love in interior design, and one that has enjoyed more than a few minutes in the decor spotlight: stone. On the walls, as furniture, or in artwork (or represented as such), I love the organic appeal of stone and its ability to add a sense of opulence to a space. An speaking of, in general I’ve become quite taken with organic modern design. Maybe it’s that longing for minimalism I mentioned earlier, or the coziness that natural accents, like a woven rug or live edge table bring, but every … Continue reading An Ongoing Trend: Sediment, Swirls & Stone

The Decor In the Stone

Aside from seeing them at my local metaphysical apothecary (the Sword and Rose if any of you San Franciscans happen to be in need of one), or in the layers of sediment on the beach cliffs when I’m back home visiting San Diego, I’ve noticed a really beautiful trend in design that ranges from amethyst countertops to agate accent tables. Crystal pieces are also popping up everywhere as chic coffee and end table styling and as a part of lighting of all kinds. I don’t own many crystals or truly find power in them, but I love a good mix … Continue reading The Decor In the Stone