Studio Living: What I’ve Learned in 6 Months

After 6 months, Max and I seem to have the whole “studio living” thing down. We’ve arranged and rearranged, moved the bed to and from a few spots, folded our Ikea Tarvo dining set 100 times, and futzed with every piece of decor in the house (well really, I’m the one futzing). According to our friends and fellow studio-dwellers, the place feels “big for a studio”, likely due to the narrow but separated entryway that we’ve fashioned into a living room of sorts, and our balcony (where the fridge resides, oddly enough). Indeed, in 6 months we’ve managed to create … Continue reading Studio Living: What I’ve Learned in 6 Months

Love & Lovely Creative Studio

Discovering Love & Lovely Creative Studio was a moment of serendipity on my walk to Sonoma Plaza on Tuesday. Their logo and display of hanging vintage bulbs caught my eye, but a peek through the window at their modern space had me hooked. The photography office of Allyson Wiley turned overall creative studio, has become a workspace for a handful of extremely creative event designers. Clients have several resources here, including wedding planners (Quintana Events, Whitney Nelson Events, and Kate Siegal Fine Events), photographers (Alyson Wiley Photography and Rebecca Gosslin), floral designers (Poppystone Floral Couture and Julie Stevens Designs), a … Continue reading Love & Lovely Creative Studio

5 Wonderfully Eclectic Studios

I’m always delighted by small space design and the studios that pop up throughout interior design blogs. Even before I was watching videos of Andrea Zittel’s compact living units and learning about Joe Colombo’s “Total Furnishing Units”, I was fascinated by the idea of tiny house living (I had a pretty awesome playhouse as a kid too). I would also love my own studio apartment someday (easier said than done in this city), and I imagine it would look something like the mish-mosh of random found objects and furniture I have currently in my bedroom…and my piles of mismatched textiles and … Continue reading 5 Wonderfully Eclectic Studios

A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle

Alessia and I met during orientation when we first transferred to college, and since then she’s been one of my best friends. Alessia and Tobias were best friends too, until one day they were more and he ventured to New York and she whisked herself away to join him. A few years later the couple share a small studio in the Panhandle area of San Francisco, as well as dreams of climbing and a potential future corgi (Am I right guys?). The space is a eclectic mix of things new and things old from their homes in Santa Cruz and … Continue reading A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle

J. Rusten Furniture Studio

After entertaining the idea of creating a design blog and tossing ideas back and forth for a few years, I finally found my first piece of blog inspiration during a company offsite at an awesome furniture studio in San Francisco. My feet tiptoed me away from our woodworking group the moment I had a free moment to explore the J. Rusten Furniture Studio. Beyond Jared’s wood shop, I was delighted to find a separate living space complete with a loft and small kitchen that matched the modern simplicity and clean lines of his designs. The studio was filled with pockets of natural … Continue reading J. Rusten Furniture Studio