Cozy Eclectic & Bohemian Corners

It’s pouring and windy and full of…weather…here in San Francisco. When it comes down to it, I prefer sunny, unbearably hot weather (I’m an anomaly). So after getting off the bus this afternoon I ran to my apartment, locked myself in my bedroom, and sat until my space heater filled the room. A few DIYs later, I skimmed my Pinterest feed for cozy, layered rooms and corners perfect for this kind of dreary-ness. My room is full of smaller vignettes like bookshelves filled with trinkets and books, or clusters of artwork. I love how you can tell a story and … Continue reading Cozy Eclectic & Bohemian Corners

Piles of Pillows: A Recipe for a Bohemian Sofa

Recently I’ve been downsizing in an attempt to make my painfully small bedroom feel larger and less cluttered. I folded up my new bird shams yesterday and stuffed their pillows in our linen closet, leaving only my two tufted beauties and embroidered cushion behind. For a gal who loves pillows, saying a temporary goodbye to mine was disheartening (goodbye until I find a bigger place one fine day). Minimalists will tell you that “less is more”, and de-cluttering parts of my tiny space has definitely made things feel lighter…but when it comes to design, I’m in cahoots with Robert Venturi’s … Continue reading Piles of Pillows: A Recipe for a Bohemian Sofa

Layering with Textiles: Bedding with Global Flair

It may not be clear yet on The Tufted (sarcasm), but I am a lover of all things textiles–especially those of cultures whose design aesthetic is full of patterns, color, and any interesting beadwork or applique. I enjoy collecting different pieces, whether they be tapestries, rugs, or blankets, and am always inspired by design articles that feature them. Recently, an Apartment Therapy home tour inspired me to round up bedrooms that add culture and character to their bedding through global textiles: I’m not entirely sure what to call the tapestry thrown over this duvet–it may be a Kantha quilt and … Continue reading Layering with Textiles: Bedding with Global Flair

Earrings & Patterns for Days

I’ve had years of thrifting practice. My love of dusty old vintage pieces and oddities has led me to some awesome thrift and antique stores, estate sales, and garage sales in almost every town I’ve visited. On occasion, I make the long walk to Haight St. and push through crowds of modern beatniks and tourists to visit their fabulously fashionable Goodwill and the plethora of other vintage clothing and jewelry stores on the street. Recently on Haight, I made a few thrifty detours –one while walking to Coffee to the People, and the other while on my way to sell clothes … Continue reading Earrings & Patterns for Days

5 Wonderfully Eclectic Studios

I’m always delighted by small space design and the studios that pop up throughout interior design blogs. Even before I was watching videos of Andrea Zittel’s compact living units and learning about Joe Colombo’s “Total Furnishing Units”, I was fascinated by the idea of tiny house living (I had a pretty awesome playhouse as a kid too). I would also love my own studio apartment someday (easier said than done in this city), and I imagine it would look something like the mish-mosh of random found objects and furniture I have currently in my bedroom…and my piles of mismatched textiles and … Continue reading 5 Wonderfully Eclectic Studios

Neon Spaces I Love

Neon has been trending for a while now both in interior design and fashion, and lately I’ve stumbled upon several spaces with pops of neon (and gold) displayed on a canvas of crisp white walls–a look that is bright and inviting, but keeps things modern and minimal. I’m delighted by the textiles I’ve seen as well and the colors and textures they add to otherwise plain walls. Geometric Peruvian and Moroccan rugs, an Otomi lamp shade, neon pink photo frames, and a floral pouf are a few of the details that bring vibrancy and a bit of bohemian panache to these … Continue reading Neon Spaces I Love

A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle

Alessia and I met during orientation when we first transferred to college, and since then she’s been one of my best friends. Alessia and Tobias were best friends too, until one day they were more and he ventured to New York and she whisked herself away to join him. A few years later the couple share a small studio in the Panhandle area of San Francisco, as well as dreams of climbing and a potential future corgi (Am I right guys?). The space is a eclectic mix of things new and things old from their homes in Santa Cruz and … Continue reading A Cozy Climbers’ Studio in the Panhandle